New: Guide app “Poisoning – First Aid for Children”! – Act immediately and correctly when poisoning is suspected!

It is rare that a poisoning is life-threatening. Yet, a wrong action is often more dangerous than the poison itself. The new app “Poisoning – First Aid for Children” gives parents, grandparents and caregivers quick help during a suspected poisoning and thus ensures more security in everyday life with children. This practical app quickly informs and instructs as to the proper behavior when confronted with a case of poisoning, not just at home but also on the road. Particularly advantageous in such stressful situations is the inApp option to place an emergency call or to contact the poison control center in 80 countries worldwide. 

Muenster, June 18, 2013: Whether at home, in the forest, on the playground, or visiting grandparents, almost every caregiver has been faced with the situation where in an unguarded moment, a child has put something poisonous into its mouth, be it a plant or a cigarette butt. If poisoning is suspected through symptoms such as gastrointestinal or cardiovascular disorders, increased salivation or dizziness, then direct help is necessary. With the new app “Poisoning – First Aid for Children” parents quickly get crucial information as well as concrete action guides for emergencies (and can immediately contact the nearest poison control center).

The service-oriented app is based on an easy to handle keyword search but also offers a category search with entries to 150 plants, 50 mushrooms, 130 drugs and 160 household products and chemicals. “As a parent, I know that if you suspect your child of being poisoned it is easy to panic. That is why it was important for us to develop an easy to understand app with a clear page design and an intuitive yet comprehensive keyword search. So one can find quickly clear hints for almost any emergency involving poisoning,” explains Kirstin Gouverneur, co-developer of the app. Thus long, nerve-racking and panicked web searches are a thing of the past. The well-structured, clearly laid-out page design enables the user to quickly access relevant information and allows a direct comparison of listed symptoms with the child’s symptoms.

Once the cause of the poisoning is identified through the keyword search, the app lists step-by-step directions for how to proceed correctly. The guide avoids confusing or lengthy texts intentionally and is limited to essential dos and don’ts. A particular advantage is the immediate inApp option that places an emergency call or calls the province-specific poison control center.

Furthermore, the app also contains helpful information on how to best deal with bites and stings, as well as helpful recommendations to prevent poisoning from the outset.

“Poisoning – First Aid for Children” is available ad-free in the Apple App Store ( ) for iPhone/iPad  or in the Google Play Store ( ) each for 2.69 €/ 2.99$

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About Kigorosa

The project “Kigorosa” was founded in 2011 by parents Kirstin Gouverneur and Roman Safreider. Sensitized by the experience with their own daughter and encouraged by other parents, they have made it their mission to share knowledge about emergencies regarding children.

As their first project, they launched an app for emergencies involving poisoning. It was particularly important to them to provide the information in app form so that it is always available to parents on the go. For over a year they researched the topic and taught themselves the necessary programming skills. After the initial release, they plan to provide more apps concerning first aid and children.

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