Poisoning: Basic First Aid for Children

Life-threatening poisoning is rare. Therefore it is important that you remain calm, calm your child, toddler or baby and above all, that you do not jump the gun! Because a wrong action is often more dangerous than the poison itself. With our new mobile app “Poisoning: Basic First Aid for Children”, you are always informed about the right steps to do – at home, on the playground, in the woods or in kindergarten.

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Whether household product, plant or snake bite – “Poisoning: Basic First Aid for Children” will help you to do the right thing in an emergency involving poisoning! Look for your toxin quickly and intuitively, learn about its toxicity and use symptoms, “DOs” and “DON’Ts” as guide for the right steps. If necessary, select your local poisoning control center or emergency call directly from the app – quickly and easily.

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Search through over 500 keywords, or in the various categories:
• household products and chemicals
• cosmetics,
• medications,
• nicotine,
• plants,
• fungi,
• insect bites and
• animal bites.
Concerning plants and fungi the image search provides some further assistance if you are not familiar with the name, or if you are in any doubt.

In the category tips you will find helpful recommendations to prevent poisoning from the outset, because “Prevention is better than cure”. Maybe at your home too, there are some further optimization possibilities you have not thought about yet?

Key Facts:

  • more than 500 words
  • 8 categories
  • image search for plants and fungi
  • emergency telephone numbers for all statesr
  • anytime and anywhere
  • quickly and easily
  • no advertising
  • useful tips for prevention of poisoning